Thanks, Mike!

When I found out about this opportunity through Partners Worldwide, I couldn’t wait to tell my parents…but let’s just say they weren’t thrilled by the thought of their daughter traveling to Uganda by herself.  You can imagine how excited (and surprised) we all were when Mike Munger so quickly accepted the invitation that I reached out to him with.  My parents are glad that I have such a nice, tall travel partner, while I’m glad to have found a great teammate.  I’m feeling pretty lucky because Mike started a full-time job in Chicago just two weeks ago; he is taking two weeks off for this trip!

Mike graduated from Purdue University with a major in Marketing and Sales.  His classroom knowledge and MANY international experiences make him a perfect partner for this research project.  Because of certain coursework at Purdue, Mike also has a deeper understanding of African history and the current political state than do I.

In this case, two heads are definitely better than one.  I know that there will be much value and SYNERGY resulting from our teamwork, especially while we are hosting interviews with local people.  It will also be great to debrief with Mike after each day of work.

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3 Comments on “Thanks, Mike!”

  1. Elaine Says:

    You two will be a great team! May God bless you and your efforts! Looking forward to your updates and maybe some pictures too (?) ILY!

  2. Karen Luse Says:

    Hi Ashley – this is a great way for us to hear about your trip and pray for you guys while you are there! Tell us everything! 🙂 Love you – Aunt Karen

  3. Dearest Ashley,
    Just got your wonderful letter yesterday, Cathy and I have been out of the country on holiday. I called your home, today to talk with you directly about your needs, but you have already left…Ashley, Happy Birthday in advance, I know it is the 17th, God’s speed and protection in your travels and success. I will continue to pray every day for you…thank you for letting us be a part of this wonderful adventure…we’ll also help with a donation to your cause…Again, have great success, blessings and God’s continued protection in your journey.

    In His mighty grip,
    Marty Cathy Rozboril .

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